Career Guide for people to become HGV Class 1 Driver

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If you have interested to drive a truck or Heavy-duty vehicle in the UK, the HGV licence is essential. Are you a candidate looking for ways to become the HGV driver in the UK? By continue reading this blog, you can get useful information to make driving the heavy-duty vehicle as career. In the place of the UK, you can find the HGV vehicles mostly for transporting purposes. Reaching the home of learning the HGV driving techniques is the ideal option for you to become a professional Class 1 HGV driver in the UK.

Know the demand for HGV drivers

While surfing the web, you can find the broaden list of demand for the HGV driver in different industries. By knowing the demand, eligibility, location knowledge and other criteria, you can approach the HGV training class to become a more suitable driver for the profession. When you have a valid UK car licence and with the age of 18+, you can acquire the HGV driving licence to become an HGV driver.

What are the sessions available in HGV training classes?

The place of the UK is currently in demand for 50,000 over HGV drivers from different industries. It is the golden opportunity for you people to fit for the demanded jobs. To obtain the HGV or class 1 hgv, you have to register your details under the valid training institute for obtaining the HGV training. Predictably, this training session will take place around 8–11 weeks and it may extend based on your cooperativeness.

Be clear what you need to do

When you need to get into the industry of HGV, you have to make a perfect choice of obtaining the institute which is providing affordable training with evolving techniques. You must need the high-quality of teaching from LGV training to obtain the licence as soon as possible. You need to pass your test within the given weeks to hit the HGV driver job market with supportive qualifications. Be sure to know the available procedures and steps to acquire the HGV class 1 license.

Steps to obtain the Class 1 HGV license

Under the UK regulations, it is not easy to obtain the HGV licence directly without having other licence eligibility. You have to undergo a long process to obtain this license, look at the listed information to know it.

Step 1: DVLA licence is essential

You must have the valid DVLA or cat c licence to get into the process of obtaining the HGV licence for your HGV driver career. To obtain this category license, you have to pass in computer-based theory test and practical test from the registered centre.

Step 2: obtain the Provisional lorry license

After obtaining the cat C license, you have to go for training to obtain the provisional lorry licence to get the eligibility to apply for the HGV license. Under this session, you have to complete the D4 session for physical medical test to find the disorder which is not suitable for obtaining the provisional lorry licence or next step of class 2 hgv licences.

Step 3: book and pass the CPC theory test

After obtaining a provisional license, you can apply for the class 2 HGV licence. Under this session, you have to initially pass on the CPC theory test about your HGV profession. As per the UK government legal section, you have to complete the test and pass it with a considerable mark.

Step 4: Practical test

The practical test is the final test for you to be eligible for obtaining the class 1 or class 2 HGV driving licence. The first practical test is to make you qualified with an HGV class 2 licence but to obtain class 1 hgv licence, you have to attend additional practical tests. The continuous practical tests will add E grade for your licence to permit for driving HGV.

Final verdict

Follow the information from this blog to obtain the HGV class 1 licence for your career. Apply for the right job description which is suitable for you to drive HGV carefully on roads.

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