Have PCV licence to turn your passion to your career!

Training for PCV licence is not a complicated task if you have some passion for driving with appropriate physical and mental skills. However, it is necessary to have some qualities and training for making it easy to pass in the PCV licence test in the first attempt. When you join in the right and professional institution you will have sufficient practice and training in the course.

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PCV theory test: It is the two-part test that consists of multiple choice question and hazard perception
Case studies test: This is the exam that helps you to gain some real-world experience. The candidates need to study at least 7 case studies in this stage.
Driving skills test: This is the test where you most significant driving skills are tested.
Practical demonstration test: It is the practical test that involves some tasks like demonstrating to do some tasks related to PCV.

Eligibility for PCV training

  • The driver should have completed 21 years of age
  • The driver should have possessed his or her car licence for a minimum of 2 years of period
  • The driver will need to operate the vehicle based on voluntary and no remuneration will be allowed -
  • Those vehicles will be used for social needs by a non-commercial entity
    The vehicles are not the towing trailer -
  • The minibus will not be driven abroad and the question will not exceed with some particular weight limits

Even till the age of 70 minibus drivers can drive legally with the car license but it is required for some medical fitness. They need to submit these medical fitness certificates on an annual basis. If an individual needs to operate the minibus professionally it is important to have some at least category D1 certificate. This same licence is necessary to operate a minibus abroad for the drivers to have their car licence.

Tips to clear the test

Almost all the candidates feel hard for taking the test for the first time. You might have undergone good training especially if driving is your passion and career. Here are some tips that will help you to clear the test.

  • Do not book the test at the time when you are not peaceful and undergoing more stress
  • Before you appear for the test makes sure that you are calm, slept well and free from stress and tired -
  • Too much of caffeine may make you feel jittery and nervous so try to avoid it
  • If you wish to speak to the examiner it is fine and you may speak to them but remember that it might not be too much because you should not be distracted from driving-
  • It is advisable to arrive for the exam location at least 15 minutes before the time of exam so that you can notice several things around and get prepared for the examination

What if you lose?
After the test is over the examiner will tell you if you have passed or failed in it. If you have lost in the exam, the examiner will explain to you the reason for the failure. Even you are disappointed at the moment, listen to the examiner so that you will not repeat it anymore.

What if you have cleared?
If you are successful, congratulations! You are now approved to be the professional driver. The approval will be sent to DVLA and you will have PCV licence. It confirms the legal approval for driving the vehicles in the public roads.

You are lucky if your passion is your career! Driving is one such thing but along with passion, it is necessary to have some professional driving skills. So have the right platform and have the test in such to clear them as soon as possible.

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