The best thing you can do for your driving career: The Class 1 HGV Licence

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The Class 1 HGV Licence gives you the authority to drive any LGV vehicle. This licence is obtained by a test, consisting of both a theory and a practical exam. Many people attain the class 2 HGV licence and then stop their further training. While this has been a valid option, taking the upgrade to the class 1 licence results in a lot of perks that aren’t afforded to other classes. Read on to find out why getting a Class 1 HGV licence may be one of the greatest choices you ever make.

What is a Class 1 HGV licence?

To drive large Lorries, you need a category C licence. A class 2 HGV licence allows you to drive these vehicles, known as rigid. It does not allow you to drive trucks with a trailer that is higher than 750 kg. A class 1 licence removes these restrictions and gives you a larger limit. A class 1 HGV licence allows you to drive larger trucks, such as articulated trucks or arctics. It is required to have a class 2 licence before you can get a class 1 licence.

The commercial driving industry is made up of a large number of vehicles that are larger than 750 kg, so a class 1 licence opens up a whole new world of possibilities for a commercial driver. Let us see some of the reasons that drivers choose to acquire a class 1 HGV licence.

1. More Responsibility

Driving a large arctic is a job that requires more skill. Consequently, the goods and industries that use these also place a higher value on the skill of the driver, and the transport of goods. This leads to a larger share of responsibility with the driver, which leads to…

2. Better Salaries

The increased qualifications required for the class 1 licence mean that drivers get paid more. On average, drivers with class 1 licences earn between £8000–10000 more than their class 2 counterparts. This leads to a direct increase in quality of life and standard of living.

3. Better opportunities

The market for class 1 drivers is heating up, and they are quite in demand. Are you not happy at your current job? No problem! You can find one anywhere! A class 1 licence gives proof of a flexible skill, and drivers are needed everywhere. Whether you want to spend your day calmly cruising up and down the A1, or navigating small country roads to deliver agricultural goods, you can find a place where you fit better.

4. Better trucks and equipment access

The class 1 licence opens up a higher echelon of commercial fleets. In some budget fleets, equipment is dilapidated, run-down, and not in perfect working order. This is more unlikely in jobs that require class 1 licences, as the larger amount of capital typically means newer, better-maintained equipment with an emphasis on quality. This means you don’t have to fight your lorry when you’re driving it, and instead handle it more easily.

What are you waiting for? As you can see, a class 1 HGV licence is an investment into a better tomorrow. The sooner you start, the farther ahead you’ll be. Go on, and explore how a class 1 licence will lead to a fulfilled future for you, and maybe those you care for too! Safe driving!

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