Tips to being the best HGV Driver

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3 min readMay 31, 2019


Being a driver is not a big deal. With a small amount of training and practise, mostly all the people can drive a car; however, it takes a special kind of HGV training to be able to drive a HGV. These people with HGV training and HGV licence are more than just point A-B drivers. Think you’ve got what it takes to make it as a HGV driver? It’s very helpful tips, right? Don’t worry here we came with some fantastic tips.

Here are some best tips on how you can be the best HGV driver.

Self-sufficient and the ability to work independently

Having personal freedom is part of the appeal to HGV driving, especially long-distance driving. The chance to be alone for the majority of your day, being in complete control over your own driving and your vehicle is something some other workers desire. If you’re the type of person that needs flowing conversation and a busy workplace in order to get thru the day, you may struggle with this kind of career. HGV drivers often spend long stretches of time driving alone and therefore must be able to handle being by themselves and having complete responsibility for the truck and the goods it transports.

Spatially aware

If you are naturally in regulate with the world around you, Move a HGV in tight spaces will be no problem for you. Whether it be finding your way along narrow streets or expecting risks such as street furniture or walkers, it helps to be geographically aware. Most drivers soon get the hang of knowing what’s going on around their vehicle.

Technically literate

You don’t need to be a mechanic, but when the unexpected situation happens, it helps to have a reasonable understanding of your vehicle. Even more importantly, these skills can help you recognise problems before they occur, so you can take tactical action and save the time of a lengthy delay while repairs take place.


If your blood pressure shoots to the sky every time another driver does something daft, a career on the road probably isn’t the best move for you. As well as not being good for your health. A HGV driver needs to be able to manage their anger. Expecting poor driving from others and giving them plenty of time and space, (especially learner, new and elderly drivers) has to be second nature.

Sense of responsibility

A HGV driver should have a good sense of responsibility. If goods were to be damaged due to the way the driver was driving and that was clear to anyone then you should take responsibility as this would look better than blatantly lying to someone’s face (especially an employer).


A HGV driver must be alert at all times and able to be quick to respond to the road and driving conditions they are faced with. They must ensure they are well-rested and able to handle the task at hand. This is a huge potential hazard if not carried out due to the fact that if a driver is half asleep at the wheel then they can be causing danger to themselves and other road users.

Customer service skills

HGV drivers must have excellent customer service skills when dealing with clients who are either shipping or receiving goods carried in the vehicle. You are the face of the company so, therefore, have to be on top of your game.

To drive HGV you must have a licence for it. To get HGV licence you should have the proper and latest knowledge about theory test and practical test. We, at HGV Training Services (HGVT), provide the best training to boost start your career.Here are some best tips on how you can be the best HGV driver.



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