Tips To Drive In Severe Weather Conditions For HGV License Holders

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The advice you can hear from the news channels during the bad weather conditions is “stop driving”. But in practical world, it is not possible for everyone. Because everyone is running behind the commitments and you can’t simply stop driving during the bad weather conditions. You have to go jobs and pick your children from school and have to go groceries store to buy basic amenities. So instead of sitting in the home, you can take some safety precautions during bad weather conditions and that will help you to ensure the safe driving. In the world of HGV, everyone wants to be the best but there are some points that you have to follow for being the best HGV Driver. Here is the list of driving tips that will help you to drive your vehicle safely during severe weather conditions particularly HGV licence holders.

When you are driving on icy roads:

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Drive slow:

Most of the HGV licence holders will be the professional drivers and during the HGV training, they will be trained on how to drive their vehicle on icy roads. First and foremost thing you should do while driving on icy roads is just slow down your speed. Drop your speed to nearly 5 to 10 kilometres. It will help you to feel more comfortable and you will have more control over your vehicle which is the essential thing while driving on icy roads.

Beware of black ice:

It is impossible to see the crystal clear glaze, particularly on the bridges. So you should slow down your vehicle at least before 100 feet before stop signs and lights.

Avoid tailgating:

As mentioned earlier slow down your vehicle at least 100 feet before the vehicle light and stop signs. Because while driving on ice roads there will be ice cubes that will be there on the rods and driver of the vehicle who drives ahead of you have to put sudden brakes to avoid hitting that ice glacier. So you are also supposed to this so going slow and keeping 100 feet distance will help you to avoid those circumstances.

Don’t break during the turn:

Avoiding spin-out is a wise idea and slowing down your vehicle and gradually start turning your steering touching the brakes lightly ahead of the curve is a wise idea. If you spin out on icy roads you will have to put a sudden brake in which the car wheel stops rotating suddenly. So sometimes it will lead to severe accidents and beware of these things and avoiding sudden brakes during the turn is a wise idea.

If you are driving in foggy conditions:

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Turn on the Fogg lights:

HGV licence holders make come across this during their HGV training sessions. During the foggy conditions, you were not able to see what is going in front of you. so driving slow is always a wiser idea and apart from this turning on the fog light signals is also a wise idea because the lights will be yellow which will help you to identify the objects before you in a better manner and it will help you to avoid the unnecessary accidents.

Pumping the brakes while entering fog bank:

While driving in foggy conditions you were not aware of what is happening on the road but turning on the brakes lights will help you to indicate the vehicle that is coming behind you that you are going to stop the vehicle. It will help you to avoid unnecessary accidents.

For rainy weather:

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Avoid driving in flooded areas:

Driving slow is also advised here and you can avoid driving the flood areas will help you to have a safe journey during flood times. Because the water will be in-depth which is very much dangerous because it will suck the air value and make your vehicle stop.

So every HGV licence holders follow these tips that will help you to ensure the safe driving during bad weather conditions.

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