Top 7 Characteristics of a Qualified HGV Driver

Before becoming an official HGV Driver, employees must prove that they are more than 18 years old, have a full car driving licence and have all taken and passed their Driver CPC. A great HGV driver should have to clear all the tests to get an HGV Licence. For driving heavy goods vehicles driver must have an HGV Licence. There are so many HGV Training centres available for drivers to improve their knowledge and develop skills.

With a little training and practise, probably many people can figure out how to drive a tractor-trailer. Anyway professional truck driving is more than just getting a vehicle from Point A to Point B. Incredible truck drivers are significantly more than mere steering-wheel holders. Driving a heavy vehicle with its cargo of expensive supplies and equipment and keeping to a demanding schedule isn’t a job for a normal driver. Do you strive to have not just a job, but a career and an incredible one at that? Look at these characteristics of a great truck driver.

1. Responsible

A few people carry around a greater sense of responsibility than others — those are the people we need driving. When you’re a trucker, you are responsible for carrying thousands of pounds of merchandize to great distances. Not only are you responsible for the load you’re running, but you should keep a watch out for your companion friends you’re sharing the road with. Being responsible in this field means paying attention to safety seriously.

2. Organisation

Staying organised is a skill that is vital to every single working field and this applies to HGV drivers. Research has appeared that many drivers don’t consider being organised as a major characteristic required in their field. However, the truth is that it is the key characteristic. Actually, all the good drivers are organised. This means that, before starting the transportation of cargo, they know what they are carrying, the route they will take and all the paperwork they need and so on. Concisely, a great driver should have a keen eye for organisation.

3. Stress management skills

Stress is a condition that can influence anybody in any field or industry. This simply means that HGV drivers do also experience stressful situations. For example, HGV drivers may experience stress because of traffic, dealing with different drivers, and driving through narrow and difficult routes. There are also other drivers who tend to be stressed when they invest a lot of time away from home, the pressure of meeting deadlines as well as manual labour. It is essential to note that there are many potential stressful factors on the road. A decent HGV is one who identifies the symptoms, the issue causing the problem, and works on the solution.

4. Professionalism

Just like any industry, professionalism is essential and it is a characteristic required to be a successful HGV driver. This means following all road rules, regulations, and decorum. Aside from showing good road leadership, attitude, and behaviour, an HGV driver should also comprehend other drivers. This simply means that the driver should drive their vehicles in a professional manner. A good driver will take pride in his job and the manner in which he works.

5. Timeliness

We’re all on a deadline. In trucking, you need to make your delivery dates and times. You need to have time management and have the capacity to forward think to plan out your day and/or sleep schedule so you can make that delivery safely and on time.

6. Knowledge

Everything in the world needs knowledge. Any driver should have at least basic mechanical knowledge. This enables drivers to identify mechanical problems easily through performance and sound. At the same time, utilise basic mechanical knowledge to tackle minor issues. Owning a little bit of mechanical knowledge makes everything simpler, safer and smoother while driving. Furthermore, a driver will avoid breakdowns and time.

7. Adaptable

Sometimes this job can be unpredictable. Being able to smoothly transition from barriers, both on and off the road will make the job more enjoyable.


With a little effort and dedication, good truck drivers can turn into great truck drivers and great drivers are what is required in today’s cargo transport industry.

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